VSDB Hosts State VIPs

Last week, the Secretary of Education Atif Qarni and the VDOE Assistant Superintendent of Special Education and Student Services Dr. Sam Hollins visited VSDB along with members of VSDB’s Board of Visitors. They toured the school buildings, and visited several classrooms across campus. At the end of the day, students and staff gathered in the chapel for a brief word from the Secretary and Assistant Superintendent, followed by time for the students to talk with them. We enjoyed our time with them and feel honored to have hosted them on our beautiful campus.

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VSDB Honors Fallen Military Personnel

Superintendent, Pat Trice was honored to represent VSDB with the Staunton-Augusta Lions Club in the laying of a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Arlington, Va on August 23, 2019.

The Lions Club is a service organization and although they help others in the community, they are mandated by their charter to serve the Deaf and the Blind.

Their mission is reflected in their motto,  “We Serve”.  The Staunton-Augusta Lions Club sponsors the VSDB Leo Club which provides students an opportunity to serve others.   The attached video, shows the laying of the wreath ceremony.  There is absolute quiet during the ceremony. The only words spoken are at the beginning are when the guard announces the start of the ceremony and instructs people that total silence is expected during  the ceremony and that at the appropriate time, people are to place their hand over their heart while the bugle plays taps.

Please enjoy this wonderful event!


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LEAD-Mongolia Visits VSDB

For the third year and in collaboration with the University of Virginia, VSDB welcomed LEAD-Mongolia to its campus on September 12th. LEAD-Mongolia is an organization that strives to strengthen democracy and improve civic engagement in its country. Each year, the organization sends a delegation of fellows to tour the United States to learn about educational and government programs and services so that when they return home, they are better able to support their mission. The group of approximately 35 fellows toured VSDB school and residential programs and joined the students for dinner. VSDB looks forward to this continued partnership and to hosting the group again in the future!

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VSDB Urban Farm Harvest

As students return to school, VSDB’s Urban Farm is in full swing! Emily Row worked through the summer, ensuring the students had a bounty of crops waiting for them to nurture and harvest. These beautiful herbs and veggies will be sold in VSDB’s weekly Farmer’s Market to students and staff, or will make their way to the cafeteria to make fresh meals for the students.

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