Day or Residential

Smiling boy in gym bleachers

Day or Residential: A Fully Engaged Experience

Students may enroll at VSDB as either day or residential students.

For some students, distance from home or other factors may make living on campus during the week a better option. For others, living at home while participating in classes and activities on campus is best arrangement.

In either case, students benefit from being fully engaged at school and participating in age- and developmentally-appropriate activities. It’s important that they have time with their families, too, to feel the support and love they need to prosper and grow.

Like residential students, day students have complete access to VSDB’s educational programs and are encouraged to participate  in social activities, extracurricular opportunities, outings, athletics, clubs, and service.

Residential students are on campus Sunday night through Friday at noon.  VSDB provides transportation for all residential students on Fridays and Sundays to various drop off/pick up points throughout the state.