Information for Parents

What Parents Say About VSDB

“We love VSDB… VSDB is a wonderful place for [my children] to be. I love that they have direct instruction in sign language, that they don’t have to go through an interpreter, and that they have peers who are deaf and can socialize directly. I’d love to talk more to anyone who wants to ask me about VSDB.”

Christine Ogden, Parent

“It was hard for to imagine a future for [my son] and now, after four years, I can honestly say that we have so many things to look forward to. Thanks to VSDB for giving him the opportunity to learn and to expand. As a parent, I am grateful to VSDB and recommend it hands down to any parent…it’s been awesome. My son loves it here!”

Yanet Garcia,

“I have nothing but good things to say about this school…(my son) has made a complete 180 change with his attitude, socially, and with academics. The staff here is great, phenomenal, they really, really love and embrace and bring you in as a family.”

Darren Maxwell,