Parents and Students Speak

A group of happy people posing in front of a playground slide: a man, a woman, and four boys. The smallest boy, in the middle has a medal on a ribbon around his neck.

What Parents and Students Are Saying About VSDB

“I can see the progress. My son has definitely grown a lot, and he has friends and other people he can communicate and socialize with.”

Ronnie Roscoe, Parent

“I really enjoy VSDB because I like a Deaf school where I can talk to my friends and teachers in ASL.”

Douron, VSDB student

“My favorite things about VSDB are that [my daughter] has learned ASL, made a lot of new friends, and learned a lot about Deaf Culture.”

Trisha Thompson, Parent

“I have nothing but good things to say about this school…(my son) has made a complete 180 change with his attitude, socially, and with academics. The staff here is great, phenomenal, they really, really love and embrace and bring you in as a family.”

Darren Maxwell, Parent

“Joining VSDB was a definite plus for [my son]. Two thumbs up! “

Anthony Velasco, Parent

“This school is the best for deaf children because of the education and the direct communication in American Sign Language  with peers and teachers. I don’t have to have an interpreter with me all day… VSDB, we are all equal, the same. VSDB is the best school I’ve ever attended!”

Danyeal, VSDB Student

“I love (my son’s) growth and success, and seeing my baby come home happy. He’s always excited to go back to school on Sundays.”

Johnelle Roscoe, Parent

“I like the fun activities and being in the dorm!”

Carina, Student

“We love VSDB. My daughter has been thriving here.”

Carmen Groll, Parent

“My daughter has lots of fun and friends, and loves her teachers! VSDB is a great community.”

Emma Molinari, Parent

“I like VSDB because I can be with my friends, participate in sports like volleyball and basketball, and have the opportunity to travel with the teams.”

Treanna, VSDB Student

“I like that I can communicate with friends and my teachers and we understand each other. My education has helped me grow.”

Brian, VSDB Student

“I enjoy VSDB. They help me to learn.”


“We love VSDB… VSDB is a wonderful place for [my children] to be. I love that they have direct instruction in sign language, that they don’t have to go through an interpreter, and that they have peers who are deaf and can socialize directly. I’d love to talk more to anyone who wants to ask me about VSDB.”

Christine Ogden, Parent

“I love VSDB. The teachers always try to meet my needs.”

Taode, VSDB Student