Residential Program

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Residence Life

All day, every day … every aspect of life at VSDB contributes to student growth and development. Whether day or residential, all students have access to activities and services.

Those who live on campus are housed according to age and gender in one of four residence halls, each providing a comfortable and safe living environment conducive to the development of social skills.

Students live on campus Sunday night through Friday afternoon each week. VSDB provides transportation on Sundays and Fridays so that students can be at home with their families on the weekends.

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A natural and safe environment that supports development of social, emotional, academic, and life skills

VSDB’s Residential Program offers a great deal more than a place to sleep. It provides countless opportunities for students to GROW, DO, and BECOME their best selves. Utilizing a structured, age- and developmentally-appropriate independent living skills curriculum, it offers consistent support for academic success while helping students develop appropriate coping skills to manage day-to-day stressors. Students connect with other students, having fun and building socialization skills through organized activities and impromptu connections. From making music to playing games to cooking to dancing, there’s always something fun going on!

The Residential Program works collaboratively with the School Program to support concepts taught and to expand learning beyond the classroom into real life experiences. And, as with other aspects of VSDB’s educational programs, residence halls are operated for the benefit of all students while meeting individual needs.


Becky Watson

Director of Student Life

Phone: 540-332-9046

Text: 540-645-6152

Program Goals

  1. Provide support services that enhance student development in our Seven Standards: academics, self-determination, career exploration, community resources, communication, independent living skills, and work and career skills
  2. Help students develop appropriate coping skills
  3. Provide consistent staff support
  4. Facilitate the transition of students in preparation for life beyond school


  1. Independent living skills curriculum
  2. Safe environment with appropriate supervision
  3. Consistent staff support and guidance
  4. Student work experiences, as appropriate
  5. Compliance with Code of Conduct rules and policies, with staff support

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Students benefit from the guidance and oversight of residential advisors, teachers, and behavior management specialists. Whenever students are in residence, adults are in the building and awake through the night, ready to offer a hug when needed and to handle any difficult situation that might arise. Daily operations are overseen by the Director and Assistant Director of Student Life.

Residential Program Contact Information

Becky Watson, Director of Student Life

Phone: 540-332-9046

Text: 540-645-6152

Shift Supervisor

Donise Davis

Night Shift Supervisor

Office: 540-332-9046

Cell/Text: 540-292-5409

VP: 540-324-2233

Residential Support

Main Phone: 540-332-9042

Darlene Coleman

Residential Support Specialist

VP: 540-324-2214

Mark Fletcher

Education Support Specialist

Office: 540-332-9046

VP: 540-324-4565

Student Life Office

Toll Free: 800-522-8732

Local: 540-332-9046

VP: 540-324-2233

Text: 540-569-6704

Student Center

Phone: 540-332-9059

VP: 540-324-2190

Other Important Numbers


Phone: 540-332-9026

Text: 540-569-6700


Phone: 540-332-9016

Text: 540-569-6689