Welcome from Director of Student Life

Greetings! Welcome to the VSDB website! My name is Becky Watson, and I am the Director of Student Life for the Virginia School for the Deaf and the Blind (VSDB).

Photo of Becky Watson, VSDB director of student lifeThe Residential Program is an important aspect of VSDB and works closely with the education program to extend resources to all enrolled students. Residential students live on campus Sunday evening through Friday at noon. Day students are also encouraged to take full advantage of all the extracurricular opportunities we offer, which play an important role in personal development. Students have many opportunities to participate in a variety of activities that support individual growth and the development of crucial life skills that promote success after graduation.

Our Student Life and Residential staff are highly skilled at helping each student grow and reach their potential. We are there for our students, whenever they need us, with experienced staff on site 24 hours a day when students are on campus. We work individually with each student to build self-confidence and a positive self-worth as well as to facilitate the development of essential life skills in the areas of time management, personal hygiene, positive social interactions, effective communication skills, money management, and self-advocacy.

In these ways, student life outside the classroom is a key part of the education VSDB offers, helping each student GROW in confidence and ability, DO things that expand horizons and skills, and help them BECOME adults who reach their potential in life.

I invite you to come for a visit and see the difference that VSDB can make in the life of your child!

Best regards,

Becky Watson