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Hands-on learning fosters academic, social, and emotional growth, so students reach their full potential for success after graduation. LEARN MORE CONTACT US
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eligibility contact us As an agency of the Commonwealth of Virginia, we are able to provide the education and services you need at no cost to your family.
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LEARN MORE VISIT US VSDB students — day and residential — get the best of both worlds, balancing busy weekdays at school with weekends at home.

why choose VSDB

Expert Teaching

VSDB’s faculty and staff are simply the best  highly qualified and caring, they dedicate their careers to teaching students with hearing and vision impairments. They have the expertise and the passion to make the difference for your child.

Hands-on learning

Interactive, experiential learning builds skills, knowledge, and confidence that translate into lifelong success — in post-secondary education, in the workforce, and in their communities.

Community of peers

At VSDB, students are “one of many” instead of being the “only one” … often for the first time.
Teenage boy wearing running jersey with VSDB's "V" emblem

Life and career skills

No matter a child’s age upon enrollment, VSDB lays the foundation for lifelong independence and success. Students can access our unique services and programs from birth until “aging out” of Special Education Services at 21.

Engaged student life

Fun can be beneficial! Participation in athletics, social events, and extracurricular activities extend capabilities and enrich daily experience. Weekends at home allow family time, too.

No cost to families

As a state agency, we cover all costs for education, services, transportation, room, and board.

Latest news and events

2021 NFB BELL® Academy In-Home Edition: Applications Now Open!

Attend 2021 NFB BELL® Academy In-Home Edition: Applications Now Open! Enhance Braille and nonvisual skills with us The National Federation of the Blind is offering three virtual programs of the NFB BELL Academy this summer to prepare blind and low-vision children to grow into confident and independent blind people by enhancing...


VSDB is in a unique position to provide educational benefits, including assistive technologies and daily living skills taught by expert teachers who are highly qualified to teach blind and visually impaired students, with and without additional disabilities … in addition to academic content that meets Virginia’s statewide standards. LEARN MORE

We use a bilingual approach with direct instruction in American Sign Language (ASL) and English, and provide many benefits that are generally not available in local public schools. Our deaf and hard of hearing students benefit from VSDB’s well-rounded academic program that builds on the gifts, strengths, and interests of the individual. LEARN MORE

Young children are capable, curious, active, and hungry for knowledge about their world. At VSDB we provide a developmentally-appropriate, language- and literacy-rich learning environment that will nurture and stimulate them as they grow in their important early years.  LEARN MORE

VSDB’s educational farm is located right on our campus so students can take full advantage of our innovative CROPS curriculum in which students learn to plant, grow, and harvest produce … building skills, strengthening academics, and learning entrepreneurship.  LEARN MORE

Students learn the skills and realities of managing their lives as adults while in a safe environment — setting up an apartment, preparing meals, managing finances, and maintaining a clean and orderly home — paving the way for a smooth transition after graduation.  LEARN MORE


School for The Deaf & The Blind


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“We love VSDB… VSDB is a wonderful place for [my children] to be. I love that they have direct instruction in sign language, that they don’t have to go through an interpreter, and that they have peers who are deaf and can socialize directly. I’d love to talk more to anyone who wants to ask me about VSDB.”

Christine Ogden,

“The biggest benefit about me having a visual impairment is that I am able to attend the Virginia School for the Deaf and the Blind where the teachers understand how to teach kids with all sorts of different needs. I can learn! It’s a place where everybody can feel welcome and everyone fits in. It’s a place that makes me feel safe and makes me realize I am not the only one with differences. They help me learn how to be independent and teach me the skills I will need to become a successful adult.”

Brianna E., High School

“I have nothing but good things to say about this school…(my son) has made a complete 180 change with his attitude, socially, and with academics. The staff here is great, phenomenal, they really, really love and embrace and bring you in as a family.”

Darren Maxwell,